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The longest dinner table in Vienna

Feel. extraordinary

The longest dinner table in Vienna is located at ThirtyFive. Having all your guests seated at one table and having dishes served by a model train will offer a brand new experience and an exceptional dinner that will become a show. A breathtaking production to make for unforgettable moments and impressed guests.

ThirtyFive_Neobarock Glow_8.jpg
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Dinnerbereich mit Gala Dinner Tafel Setup.jpg
ThirtyFive_Neobarock Glow_8.jpg
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Galadinner an Wiens längster Tafel in der Eventlocation ThirtyFive-min.jpg

"Our customer event in the really impressive location of the “ThirtyFive” was a complete success in every respect!
In addition to the unique ambience, the entire set-up of the team was excellent. The technician never missed a cue, the technical conditions underlined the requirements we have as an innovative company when booking a top location. The quality and efforts of the catering team were impeccable, and the personal commitment to spontaneous requests on site left nothing to be desired.
The very nice and relaxed atmosphere as well as the feedback from our customers underlined the success of the event.
All in all we can say: one of the best supported event locations for business events in Vienna!

We are already looking forward to the next customer event at ThirtyFive!"


Kristina Liedl-Hartinger | Senior Marketing Specialist
SAP Austria GmbH